St. Martinus University

MD Program: 4 years
Basic Science Program: MD1 to MD 4 in Curacao
Test Preparation and Elective Courses: MD 5
Clinical Science Program: MD6 to MD9-Core & Elective rotations* in USA or UK
Clinical Rotations currently available in over 50 hospitals in United States (CT,MD,OH,IN,CO, KY,LA,NC,VA,MA,IL,GA – all in ACGME i.e. Green Book hospitals),United Kingdom, Curaçao, and Canada (electives only)

Clinically Integrated Schedules

  • Comprehensive – Organ System approach
  • PBL Based learning
  • Same curriculum as Medical Colleges in USA/Canada/UK so the students can assimilate in the environment easily
  • Curriculum integrated with practical training in the hospital from the first semester
  • Affiliated with a 500+ bed hospital on the Island
  • Education loans available to Students via banks

Three (3) intakes every year

  • Spring Semester: January – May
  • Fall Semester: July - November
  • Winter Semester: September – December

About St. Martinus

  • Proven track record of 10 years
  • First time pass rate for USMLE is over 85%
  • 100% of our graduated students are doctors in USA, Canada and UK;
  • Our graduates earn post graduate degrees in fields like Radiology, Cardiology, Surgery, ENT, Oncology, GI etc.
  • There is no donation fee for Post Graduate (PG) degree - students earn at least 25 lacs per year in PG
  • University prepares students with USMLE 1 and 2 so that they can directly go into PG as soon as they finish MBBS
  • University will apply for USA or UK visa - 100% foreign students accepted for visa by USA/UK in the past
  • Maximum 50 students per class, maximum 8 students per cadaver for Anatomy dissections

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